Top 20 Non-Toxic Toddler Christmas Gifts: What Toddlers Actually Want!

fun non-toxic toddler Christmas toys

It’s Christmas time again! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your toddler, here are 20 of the Best Non-toxic Toddler Christmas Gifts that your toddler is sure to love!

This Christmas season, skip the cheap plastic toys that break in minutes and opt for a gift your toddler will actually love. From wooden blocks to bath toys to climbing toys and everything in between, here is a list of the best non-toxic gifts for toddlers and preschoolers. All of these gift ideas are guaranteed to be high quality, safe, and long-lasting – and they make the perfect Christmas gifts for your toddler!

If you have a baby at home and are looking for the perfect non-toxic gifts for them as well…be sure to take a look at my Non-Toxic Christmas Gift Guide for Your Baby’s First Christmas!

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Choosing Non-Toxic Toddler Toys for Christmas

The first thing to consider when looking for a toy for your toddler is whether or not it is made with non-toxic materials. Unfortunately, many plastic toys are laden with toxins like BPA, PVCs, phthalates, lead, and more! These chemicals can leach into your child’s body and can lead to possible health issues later in life.

However, choosing the right toy takes some know-how. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! I do all of the research for you…Here is my list of the best 20 Non-Toxic Toddler Christmas Gifts.

Wooden Puzzles

Wooden puzzles are a great gift idea for toddlers. They increase spatial awareness and fine motor skills while reducing frustration and boredom. Wooden puzzles come in all shapes and sizes – some even have letters of the alphabet on them! Wooden puzzles are very popular in my home and are also perfect for keeping noisy toddlers quiet and entertained during their older siblings’ homeschool lessons.

Wooden Blocks

Wooden blocks are a perfect Christmas gift for toddlers. For younger toddlers, there is nothing more fun than stacking up a huge tower of bricks only to watch them come crashing down. While older toddlers love to create castles and buildings for their other toys to live and play in. Wooden blocks help to increase problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination and can even be educational (hello alphabet blocks and number blocks).

Organic Stuffed Animals

Young children love to snuggle with soft, and cuddly stuffed animals. They make the perfect friend for all kinds of imaginative play. Be sure to avoid any toxic materials by choosing an organic stuffed animal for your toddler this year.

Stuffed animals are the type of toy that will be loved and cherished for so many years to come so naturally choosing one that is high quality and will last a long time is very important.

Bella Luna toys also has a huge selection of adorable high-quality organic stuffed animals! You can get $10 off your first order when you click here!

Board Games

Board games are a fantastic gift for toddlers. They help to increase social skills, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills while also being a ton of fun! Board games can involve anything from recognizing colors and shapes to moving around the board in a specific order. I always choose ones made from wood and other high-quality non-toxic materials. Some of my favorite board games for my toddlers are from Haba and include: this fishing one, this honeybee one, and this animal stacking one.

Water Blocks

These water blocks make such a fun Christmas gift and really are one of the coolest gifts my toddlers ever received. My kids love to watch the colored water move all around and have learned so much about color theory by putting different blocks together to find out which colors mix together to make other colors.

Rainbow Stackers

Rainbow stackers are the absolute BEST toddler toy. They teach toddlers that stacking in a specific order can result in something really spectacular when they get it just right. They can also be used to make some really fun tunnels, ramps, bridges, and roads for your toddler’s small cars too.

Whether you want a rainbow stacker in traditional rainbow colors or something different is up to you but your toddler won’t be disappointed!

Pickler Triangle

Do you have a toddler who loves to climb? Me too! That’s why for Christmas this year I am getting my toddler this Pikler Triangle. No more climbing up his older brother’s bunk beds for him. I know that he is going to have so much fun with it!

Climbing up a Pickler Triangle improves your child’s sense of balance and coordination in a safe environment. And it is a must for anyone looking to replicate the Montessori or Waldorf environment. Give your curious toddler a gift that will allow them to explore, learn, and grow in safety!

Wooden Xylophone

It is never too early to introduce your toddler to music. And this wooden xylophone is a perfect and fun way to do it. It will help your toddler with gross motor skills, and rhythm and will make a ton of memories. My toddlers love to tap on theirs while singing the ABC song and the songs we make up daily about the weather, the months of the year, and their names. This is the one that we have and love!

Wooden Walking Push and Pull Animals

These wooden push and pull animals are so much fun for new walkers who are ready to take a new friend along for the journey. They are great for helping your toddler improve their balance, coordination, and strengthen their core muscles all while providing entertainment that will keep them smiling for hours on end. There are so many absolutely adorable animals to choose from: like this hopping rabbit, this dancing alligator that makes a really soothing clickety-clack noise, or this sweet snail who inches up and down behind your child.

Wooden Rocker/Balance Board

Wooden Rocker Boards or Balance Boards make a really special Christmas gift for a young child. Balance boards are fantastic for improving your child’s core strength and balancing skills all while having fun moving back and forth on it, standing up straight to rock on it, or playing peek-a-boo under them.  They also make really fun slides, see-saws, or bridges. Rocker Boards encourage so much imaginative play and can be used in so many different ways.

Wooden Rockers improve balance, coordination, spatial awareness, and overall gross motor skills. They are tons of fun to use indoors or outside and will provide hours of entertainment for many, many years to come.

Non-Toxic Crayons

For all of those artistic toddlers out there, a set of high-quality non-toxic crayons makes a perfect Christmas gift. They are great for improving fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and creativity. Your toddler can use them to color in coloring books or workbooks (like my free learning number 1-10 workbook) or just have fun drawing pictures from their own imagination. We have this set and it is one of our favorites. This is our other favorite and it comes in a lot of fun colors. They are both made from organic New Zealand honey and are thick enough that it makes it easier for little hands to grip them while they are learning how to color. I have a whole post on other great non-toxic toddler crayons here.

Wooden Phone

There is nothing sweeter than watching your toddler chat away to Grandma and Grandpa on their toy phone. There are so many adorable wooden toy phones available it’s hard to choose just one. They make such a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for your toddler.

A toy phone is a great gift for helping your child improve their language skills, imagination, and socialization skills. We have this one and love it and this one from Grimm is on my toddler’s Christmas list for this year!

Wooden Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is another classic toy that toddlers absolutely love. Little ones have so much fun gathering up their toys inside their shopping cart and pushing them all around. Playing store is another really fun game that toddlers and preschoolers love to play!

Wooden shopping carts make a really great gift for new walkers and soon-to-be walkers because they can act as a walker too. This wooden shopping cart is really high quality and is sure to get hours and hours of playtime.

Toy Kitchen

A toy kitchen makes such an amazing Christmas gift and is the perfect addition to any playroom. Your toddler will have so much fun cooking up imaginary food, serving customers at their diner, or pretending to cook for the family. There is no better toy for imaginative play! This toy kitchen is made from all wood and is gorgeous. This is another all wood kitchen that is so much fun!

Wooden Tea Set

A tea set is another really fun toy that toddlers absolutely love. It’s such a great way to work on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while learning about social etiquette (like taking turns) and having fun pretending to serve siblings, friends, and stuffed animals tea while they sit down for a fun tea party.

This gorgeous wooden tea set couldn’t be more lovely! This is another adorable tea set. While this one is not wooden, it is completely non-toxic and made from recycled plastic.

Organic Dolls

Beautiful, organic non-toxic dolls are the perfect Christmas present for any toddler boy or girl! They teach your toddler so much about compassion and kindness, they are great for role play, and they improve hand-eye coordination.

This organic baby doll is so cute! This organic doll is another favorite of mine. Bella Luna Toys also has an amazing collection of organic dolls!

You can get $10 off your order at Bella Luna Toys when you click here!


Playsilks are the perfect gift if you are looking for something that promotes open-ended creative and imaginative play. Toddlers love to use them during storytime, as a cape, fairy wings, dress-up, as a blanket fort, or just to have some one-on-one playtime with their stuffed animals or dolls. There are so many different and exciting ways to play with them.

I love these play silks so much. They have such a butter-soft and luxurious feel to them and they get tons of playtime in my house. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Wooden Balance Bike

A balance bike is a great toy for teaching your little one to learn to ride a bike. It’s the best way to teach toddlers and preschoolers how to ride a two-wheeler without training wheels. It helps to teach your child balance, coordination, motor skills, and confidence. And they are also so much fun!

This wooden balance bike is very solid and sturdy. We have had ours for about five years now and it has taught 3 of my kids how to ride a two-wheeler perfectly and confidently in a matter of months!

Bath and Water Toys

Every toddler loves to play with water and there are so many wonderful and non-toxic water toys to choose from.

Water toys are so much fun to play with…with or without water. My boys love water toys so much that I dedicated a whole post to 20 of the best non-toxic bath and water toys for toddlers. But if you are just looking for a couple of fun ones for your toddler’s Christmas list this Santa rubber duck and this origami boat top the list!

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your toddler this year, this list of the 20 best non-toxic toddler toys for Christmas is sure to have something they are going to love! Hopefully, it has given you some fun ideas to make this Christmas a little more magical. What toys will be wrapped up under the Christmas Tree for your toddler this year?

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