The Best Organic Baby Blankets: 10 Brands Your Baby Will Love

Baby Snuggled in an Organic Baby Blanket

Are you looking for the best organic baby blankets for your baby? Here are 10 amazing organic brands that have the softest organic cotton blankets that you and your baby are going to love!

Organic baby blankets are a must-have for every baby and every nursery. Whether you want warm and cuddly blankets for your infant or soft and lightweight baby blankets there is something on this list for every baby’s needs.

Why should You Choose Organic Blankets for your baby?

Organic baby blankets have come a long way from the days when the only organic blankets you could find were in simple, plain colors and rough textures.

Now there is a wide variety of organic baby blankets that come in gorgeous colors and prints and in luxuriously soft and touchable cotton.

But why should you choose to use organic baby blankets instead of conventional baby blankets for your baby?

Simply put organic blankets are made from higher quality materials that are completely safe for your baby.

  • No Pesticides: They are made from organic cotton that is grown without any pesticides. This is not only better for the health of your baby it is also better for the health of our planet as well!
  • Safe Dyes (no azo dyes): Certified organic blankets have to be made with completely safe and toxic free dyes that you can feel good about having up against your baby’s delicate skin. Conventional baby blankets are often dyed with azo dyes that when breakdown and are absorbed into the body they can cause allergies, intestinal issues and can even be carcinogenic as well.1
  • No Flame Retardants: organic baby blankets are completely free from any flame retardants that can be present on regular baby blankets and can cause a number of health issues.
  • No Heavy Metals: Another concern from conventional baby blankets is that the dyes can contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium to achieve certain colors.

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What to look for in organic blankets

Anytime you buy organic products it is important to check for certifications. Finding baby blankets that are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or Oexo-Tex Standards means that the companies were required to prove that their products are free from harmful and toxic substances.

If a company states that their blanket is organic but does not provide any certifications, chances are that the whole blanket does not meet the organic certification standards.

For example, the blanket may be made with cotton grown without pesticides (making the cotton organic!), but could still be dyed with toxic dyes (not organic!). This is why I always recommend looking for certifications before buying any organic products.

Types of Organic Baby Blankets

Do you want to know the difference between receiving blankets, swaddling blankets, and stroller blankets?

Receiving Blankets

Receiving blankets are one of the most common types of baby blankets you will find. Since they have so many different everyday uses for your baby, you may find that no matter how many you have, you still don’t have enough. Whether you are using them to swaddle your infant, as a changing pad, as a burping cloth, as a towel after baby’s bath, as a play mat for the ground, and of course as a blanket to keep your baby warm. There are so many uses for them- and I’m sure you can think of a million more that I haven’t mentioned here.

Receiving blankets come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, weights, and materials so it is definitely a good idea to have a wide variety of them depending on what your needs are. I make sure to always have at least one in my diaper bag, and a few in my car at all times. And of course, a whole drawer full in the nursery.

Swaddling Blankets

Swaddling blankets are usually bigger in size than receiving blankets and generally come in a big square. The most common size is 45 inches by 45 inches (although sizes vary slightly)- making them easy to swaddle even the biggest of babies.

While receiving blankets are good for swaddling newborns (and what are commonly used in the hospital for swaddling) after a week or two you are going to need to upgrade to a swaddling blanket.

Swaddling blankets can come in different weights of fabrics such as jersey or flannel, but most commonly they come in muslin- which I absolutely love and can’t get enough of!

Muslin cotton has the perfect amount of stretch to make it easy to swaddle (if you want to learn this nursery nurse’s-me!-easy swaddle hack click here!), but it is super lightweight and breathable so you don’t have to worry about your baby overheating or suffocating.

Swaddling blankets also make perfect nursing covers, due to their larger size, picnic blankets and I use my muslin ones as stroller covers to keep the wind and sun out of my baby’s face. Just like you can never have enough receiving blankets, you also can never have enough swaddling blankets around.

Stroller Blankets

Stroller blankets can often be used interchangeably with receiving blankets and even swaddling blankets. However; when I think of stroller blankets I usually think of heavier weight blankets that you use specifically to keep your baby warmer. Like if you were going to take your baby out for a walk in the stroller-hence the name- and it was a little on the breezier side. Obviously, stroller blankets aren’t just for when your baby is in the stroller. They are useful for whenever you want to bundle your baby up in a little bit of a warmer blanket.

Types of Baby BlanketsFeatures and Uses
Receiving Blankets*Swaddling
*Changing Pad
*Burping Cloth
*Extra Layer
Swaddling Blankets*Swaddling
*Nursing Cover
*Tummy Time
*Picnic Blanket
*Stroller Cover
Stroller Blankets*Heavier Blankets
*Walks in the Stroller
*Car Rides

Best Organic Baby Blanket Brands

Now, that I have talked a little bit about some of the most common types of baby blankets out there. It is time to talk about the organic brands that make some of the best organic baby blankets. Whether you are looking for the best organic swaddling blankets, the best organic muslin blankets, the best organic receiving blankets, or the best organic stroller blankets you will find exactly what you need on this list…I promise! Every brand on this list makes organic blankets that are certified by GOTS so you know you are getting the highest quality organic blankets for your baby. Oh and these are also the perfect addition to your organic baby registry as well.

Burts Bees Baby

I love love love Burt’s Bees Baby blankets. They are certified organic, soft, and super affordable.

Burts Bees Baby makes a wide variety of blankets in some of the prettiest watercolor prints and patterns that I have seen. They carry lightweight muslin swaddling blankets that come in a three-pack that is an amazing deal, stroller blankets, and tons of receiving blankets.

I have a huge collection of Burts Bees Baby blankets and I can honestly say that I love all of them and use them all the time.

I would like to add as a side note, that they do make some heavier baby blankets and quilts that are made with an organic cotton shell, but have a polyester filling that I do not buy because I will usually avoid polyester and I personally prefer to stick with natural materials.

Under the Nile

Can you think of anything more luxurious than a baby blanket made from buttery-soft organic Egyptian cotton?

Under the Nile makes amazing, high-quality blankets in a wide variety of prints and weights. They have muslin swaddling blankets, knit swaddling blankets, receiving blankets, stroller blankets, and this super fuzzy cozy blanket as well, that my winter baby loves to lay on and cuddle with at nap time.

You can’t go wrong with anything that you buy from Under the Nile, but their baby blankets are some of the best organic blankets you can buy and also happen to be some of my favorite things that I own for my baby. I will add that their clothes and toys are a super close second though!

Magnolia Organics

Magnolia Organics is another wonderful certified organic company that makes super soft baby blankets. They make really great muslin swaddling blankets in colorful and fun patterns as well as stroller blankets that are made from 4 layers of organic muslin cotton.

All I can say is that their muslin stroller blankets are cozy and warm yet still lightweight and breathable and it is the one blanket that I grab for over and over again. It measures in at 48 inches by 48 inches- making it the biggest muslin stroller blanket around and it is also very, very affordable! I definitely can’t recommend enough and would suggest buying more than one, if you can. It is the perfect blanket for your baby if you are looking for something for year-round use!

Makemake Organics

I just discovered Makemake Organics not that long ago and I am so happy that I did! They sell a wide variety of gorgeous certified organic stroller blankets that all look so amazingly cozy and warm. As well as cotton swaddling blanket sets that come with an adorable matching hat.

Makemake Organics also sells a 4-layer muslin blanket that is so stunning with its delicate lace trim. It comes in a few different lace options: shell lace, gray lace, or ivory lace. There are also two different sizes as well. You also have your choice to either get it in their baby size, which measures 35 inches by 35 inches, or the toddler size that is a little bigger, measuring 45 inches by 55 inches.


You may have seen me mention Finn+Emma many times before (for example: in this baby play gym post, in this baby swing post, and in this Christmas baby toy post) but that’s only because Finn+Emma has so many absolutely amazing, high-quality organic baby and toddler products.

Well, they also carry some of the best certified organic cotton swaddle blankets. Usually, you can only find muslin swaddling blankets in a more oversized size, but Finn+Emma’s swaddling blankets are 42 inches by 42 inches in stretchy, woven cotton. So if you are looking for a bigger swaddling blanket that is a little heavier than lightweight muslin, Finn+Emma has the perfect blankets for your baby!


If you are looking for a wide variety of high-end blankets, Coyuchi has some of the best organic cotton baby blankets around. Coyuchi and luxury go hand in hand and you will not be disappointed with any of their blankets (the adult ones are amazing as well).

They carry flannel receiving blankets that are oh-so-soft and gentle, knit baby blankets, stunning quilted baby blankets, and their cozy cotton baby blanket is my favorite!

While Coyuchi is on the higher end of the price scale they are definitely worth it.


Monica + Andy is such a fun exciting organic brand. The prints on their “Coming Home” blankets are just so stinkin’ cute. These blankets are made from organic woven cotton and are perfectly sized at 32 inches by 32 inches.

I personally have the black gingham print and the rainbow dinosaurs for my youngest baby, but there are just so many wonderful options and they are a really great affordable option! They are also the perfect layer for when the weather gets a slight chill in the air.

Monica + Andy also sells a double layer organic muslin blanket called their “Always Blanket”. This blanket also comes in some super cute prints that are sure to make it a favorite blanket for your little one. The Always Blanket measures 47 inches by 47 inches.

And here’s a FUN bonus: If you are looking for something a little extra to make your blanket even better you can have your organic blanket monogrammed as well…which you can’t get anywhere else!

An organic monogrammed baby blanket in an adorable print would not only be the perfect gift for your own baby, but it would also make the perfect baby shower or welcome baby gift as well!

Addison Belle

Fun! Cute! Organic! Addison Belle is another great choice if you are looking for certified organic baby blankets that come in super fun prints.

Addison Belle offers bamboo swaddling blankets, muslin swaddling blankets, and what they call their “Everything Blanket” which would be the equivalent of a stroller blanket. All of their blankets measure 47 inches by 47 inches and are amazingly soft.

Their Everything Blanket is also a 4-layer muslin blanket, that comes in a wide variety of fun unique prints. It is hard to say which print is the best but whether you like trains, construction trucks, succulents, flowers, mermaids or you just want an ABC blanket they have a print for every nursery theme!

L’oved Baby

L’oved Baby has a great collection of some of the most original kinds of swaddling blankets and receiving blankets that I have seen around.

While they certainly sell standard organic cotton swaddling blankets in a nice variety of solid colors that will certainly meet your baby blanket needs, their other types of blankets are just so much fun. You can choose from organic baby blankets like pointelle, corduroy, ribbed, terry cloth, and even velveteen (which by the way is so soft and dreamy). All of their blankets measure 37 inches by 37 inches but because they are so stretchy they can be stretched up to 45 inches by 45 inches.

L’oved Baby’s organic baby blankets are all heirloom quality and are guaranteed to have the perfect baby blanket for your sweet baby.

You can save 15% off on your first purchase when you Click Here!

Quincy Mae

Quincy Mae sells simply soft, cozy baby blankets. They carry brushed cotton swaddling blankets as well as chunky cotton baby blankets that are velvety soft and warm.

The color schemes and prints are very delicate with simple, muted colors which gives them a really relaxing feel. These are the perfect blankets for nap time or bedtime when you just want something really peaceful and calming for your baby.

Organic BrandsTypes of BlanketsBuy Here
Burts Bees Baby*Receiving Blankets
*Muslin Swaddling Blankets
*Stroller Blankets
Amazon|Burts Bees Baby
Under the Nile*Muslin Swaddling Blankets
*Knit Swaddling Blankets
*Cozy Stroller Blankets
Amazon|Under the Nile
Magnolia Organics*Muslin Swaddling Blankets
*4-Layer Muslin Stroller Blankets
Amazon|Magnolia Organics
Makemake Organics*Knit Swaddling Blankets
*4-Layer Muslin Stroller Blanket
*Cozy Stroller Blankets
Amazon|Makemake Organics
Finn+Emma*Knit Swaddling BlanketsAmazon|Finn+Emma
Coyuchi*Muslin Swaddling Blankets
*Knit Swaddling Blankets
*Quilted Baby Blankets
*Cozy Stroller Blankets
Monica+Andy*Receiving Blankets
*Muslin Stroller Blanket
Addison Belle*Bamboo Swaddling Blankets
*Muslin Swaddling Blankets
*4-Layer Muslin Stroller Blanket
L’oved Baby*Swaddling Blankets ( pointelle, corduroy, ribbed, terry cloth, and velveteen)Amazon|L’oved Baby
Quincy Mae*Swaddling BlanketsQuincy Mae

You simply can never have enough organic baby blankets. If you are looking for the perfect organic baby blanket for your baby you can see there are just so many great options that are sure to meet your needs. So be sure to stock up on as many organic baby blankets as you have room. Also, make sure to get a variety of cotton swaddling blankets, muslin swaddling blankets, stroller blankets and receiving blankets because, I can say with no doubt, you will be glad to have them.

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