Want A Fun Countdown to Christmas Printable (For Free!)

free Christmas countdown worksheet for preschool and toddlers

This free printable countdown to Christmas advent calendar makes a fun addition to your family’s Christmas countdown. It also works perfectly if you already use an Advent calendar to countdown the days until Christmas.

When it comes to Christmas, the most important part to me, is not only following the traditions that my husband and I grew up with, but also creating new traditions with my kids. And one of my most favorite Christmas traditions is counting down to Christmas using our Advent Calendar. It is so much fun watching the excitement in my children’s eyes as they see that Christmas is getting closer and closer! But I was looking for a way to make it a little more interactive and personal for them-and a way to keep them from fighting over who gets to mark off the next number! That is when this Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar worksheet was born. I thought it would be best to have a Christmas countdown pdf that we could print out and use year after year.

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How to Use This Printable With Your Advent Calendar Tradition

As I already mentioned I created this Countdown to Christmas worksheet to accompany our Advent Calendar tradition. First thing in the morning (usually right after breakfast), my boys will mark the next day off on our calendar. They are just too impatient to wait to do it at night, when the day is actually over. Then we take out each child’s personal advent calendar worksheet and have them mark off the coordinating spot or “ornament” on the tree. We choose to mark the spots off in countdown fashion, starting with 25, because that is how our advent calendar works. However, I know that some people do it the opposite way and start with the number 1…so just choose the way that works best for you and your family and that coordinates best with your advent calendar. Of course if you don’t use an Advent calendar at all this printable can work perfectly all on its own!

free Christmas printables for preschool kids

Ideas to complete your Christmas Countdown Worksheet

I think that a worksheet like this is so versatile and there are so many fun, creative ways to complete it. After writing each of the kids name’s on the top line, I let my kids imaginations soar. But in case you are looking for some ideas here are some of the fun ways that we have filled them out over the past few Christmases.

  • using colorful Christmas stickers to fill in each ornament (the sticker booklets in the Target dollar spot are perfect for this…they usually give you about 500 stickers for a dollar and come in many different Christmas themes)
  • using crayons, markers, colored pencils in various Christmas colors
  • filling them in in a pattern-whether coloring them in or using stickers (this is especially good for children in early elementary school when pattern recognition is so important)
  • glitter or glitter glue is a pretty option-although it may be messy!
  • we glued pom-poms on each circle one year…which was pretty fun!
  • using wood stamps like these ones with bright colorful ink
  • Bonus Tip: I make sure to write the year somewhere on the front so that when we look back at our past calendars , we can remember which year they were from and then talk about all of our favorite Christmas memories from those years!
printable countdown to Christmas advent calendar

Two Versions: To Color or Not To Color

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted a printable that came in color already or to make one to color in. So after much thought… I decided to make both. Having two different versions of this advent calendar printable makes this activity a fun tradition for all ages. Most toddlers and preschoolers will probably do better with the colored in version, although you never know-they may want to color in their own after all. See my post on the best non-toxic crayons, if you are looking healthy crayons for your little ones to use. Older kids, in elementary school and older will probably prefer the version that they can color in and make it really personalized! I just love having options, don’t you!!

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Free Countdown to Christmas coloring sheet for toddlers

I would be truly honored if this free Christmas countdown worksheet became a part of your family’s Christmas tradition just like it has for mine. It is a such a fun Christmas activity for children at every age and stage. I would also love to know the creative ways your children choose to fill in their own advent calendar!

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Want A Fun Countdown to Christmas Printable (For Free!)

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