The 11 Best Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Wooden Baby Walkers

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Is your baby ready to take their first steps? These adorable, non-toxic, eco-friendly wooden baby walkers will give your little one the confidence they need to get started!

Learning to walk is one of the most exciting times in your baby’s life. Giving them a sturdy, eco-friendly baby walker is a great way to encourage the development of your baby’s muscle strength and gross motor skills to get them walking even faster!

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Are walkers bad for your baby’s development?

Walkers have become rather controversial over the last few years. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, walkers are a source of many injuries in babies. They argue that because little ones can move really fast in them, even if a parent is watching they may not have time to react. There have also been some studies that show that typical baby walkers can actually delay when your child will walk due to the fact that sit-in walkers work a different muscle group than the ones used for walking. Whether a typical baby walker is bad for your baby or dangerous for your baby depends. However, the type of walker that you choose for your child is really important.

Sit-In Walkers vs. Push Walkers

Sit-in walkers are probably not the best choice for teaching your baby to walk, but a push walker is a perfect choice.

  • They give your baby a solid foundation by giving them something to hold onto securely while they strengthen the correct muscle groups and learn how to properly coordinate movements.
  • My children have used their push walkers for a long time-long after they learned how to walk. Depending on which walker you choose your toddler will enjoy playing with it for many, many years to come.

Push walkers are the best baby walkers for actually teaching your baby or toddler how to walk comfortably and confidently.

baby walking with eco-friednly baby walker

Why Should I Get My Child an Eco-Friendly Baby Walker?

Choosing an eco-friendly walker is good for both the environment as well as your child’s health. Eco-friendly walkers are made from completely non-toxic and natural materials. All of the ones on this list are made from high-quality wood, and non-toxic, water-based dyes.

It is so important to avoid exposing your child to toxic materials that can lead to health and developmental problems, especially when they are still growing.

Why Are Plastic Walkers Bad?

For starters any time you can avoid lower-quality plastics that come from countries that don’t have safety regulations in place, you absolutely should. You run the risk of your baby being exposed to toxic chemicals, such as:

  • lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals
  • BPA
  • PVC
  • Phthalates
  • Microplastics

Exposure to these materials can cause health issues that include, reproductive issues, decreased immune function, certain cancers, and learning disabilities.

In addition to the toxic chemical exposure, plastic walkers usually do not work as well as their wooden counterparts. They tend to not be very sturdy and the wheels usually do not work well on hardwood floors or carpeted floors.

The Best Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Baby Walkers

Here are some of the best wooden baby walkers from brands that are known for their high-quality eco-friendly wooden toys.

Plan Toys Walker

I have been a huge fan of Plan Toys for a long long time. We have so many of Plan Toys’ eco-friendly toys and this Plan Toys walker is one of if not the best wooden walker you can get. It has a bunch of features and safety features that make it a really great choice for your young child.

  • Obviously, the best feature is that it comes with 24 wooden blocks: 13 colored blocks and 11 natural wood blocks. So your baby can start using it well before walking and long after walking.
  • The handle has an adjustable height feature so it can accommodate taller toddlers as well as shorter ones.
  • The headlights aren’t just adorable they are made from rubber and act as bumpers in case your baby accidentally walks into a wall.
  • The wheels have an adjustable tension knob so you can control how fast or slow the wheels go depending on your child’s ability level.
  • The wheels also have a rubber lining making them great for hardwood floors.
  • The cart is also really great for pushing all of your child’s other favorite toys and stuffed animals in as well.

The Plan Toys walker is made from sustainable rubberwood, which is a product of the latex industry and comes from rubberwood trees. It is also made from formaldehyde-free glue, organic pigments, as well as water-based dyes.

The fun and bright colors are sure to make this walker a favorite of your child. Like all Plan Toys, the walker is made in Thailand.

Plan Toys Shopping Cart

The Plan Toys Shopping Cart is a darling little shopping cart that would make the perfect wooden push toy for your toddler. They are bound to get tons and tons of use out of it. Besides, learning to walk it is also the perfect addition to playing store or whatever imaginative games your children enjoy. The cart is the ideal size to carry all of your child’s different toys around.

It is made from solid rubberwood and non-toxic pigments and dyes. The wheels are solid wood with reinforced rubber so it is safe to push around on wooden floors.

It is just so cute and also a more affordable option than other wooden walkers.

Tender Leaf Toys Baby Block Walker

Tender Leaf Toys is another one of my favorite wooden toy companies. The Tender Leaf Toys Baby Block Walker is so gorgeous. The colors are so fun and vibrant and the 29 wooden blocks that come with the walker have such beautiful colors and a sweet garden theme.

The walker is made from high quality wood and safe water-based paints.

The sturdy handle is perfect to teach your child to balance on their own. The wheels are metal with rubber tires so they are solid and safe for use on all types of floors for your child.

Tender Leaf Toys Shopping Cart

The Tender Leaf Toys Shopping Cart is absolutely adorable. It has the cutest design and such beautiful simple colors.

This shopping cart has a solid wood construction and solid wooden wheels that are rubber lined. And it comes with the cutest little removable chalkboard that can hang from the shopping cart.

The bottom of the shopping cart is made from soft fabric so you can easily fit all of your little one’s wooden toys in it.

This shopping cart is perfect for teaching your little one how to properly balance and develop their gross motor skills and then for imaginative play when they get a little bit older.

Haba Walker Wagon

Haba is well known for its high-quality, sturdy wooden toys. And the Haba Walker Wagon is definitely proof of this. It is a walker with a base for some toys but also has a seat in front that is perfect for your baby’s organic stuffed animals or dolls. It is basically a walker and a stroller in one.

Some of the features that this walker wagon has are:

  • The ability to adjust the tension of the wheels.
  • The wheels are also rubber lined.

The Haba walker wagon is made in Bulgaria from solid beechwood and non-toxic, water-based stains.

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

Radio Flyer is the absolute epitome of classic children’s toys. The Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon has that timeless, classic look that you would expect. The simple design has a wood body and removable wooden sides, just like an actual wagon. It has a big space for toy storage, making it extra fun for your baby to walk around with.

It has some nice safety features as well. Such as;

  • In case your baby pushes it into walls or furniture, there is a rubber bumper in front.
  • It has resistance clickers to prevent your child from walking too quickly.
  • The wheels are the typical wagon wheels that are rubber lined making them safe for wood floors.

The Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon is the perfect walker if you want something that is timeless and classic looking as well as solid and sturdy. It is also a pretty affordable option compared to other eco-friendly push walkers.

Hape Wooden Wagon

I love this Hape Wooden Wagon so much. Its simple colors and all-wood design make it the perfect eco-friendly option. It also has so many fun features to make it the perfect pick for your toddler.

  • The best part is not only is it a push walker for when your child first starts to work on their balance to learn to walk but it also easily converts into a traditional pull wagon once walking is mastered.
  • There is plenty of room for your child to pull their favorite toys around.
  • It has rubberized wheels for easy movement on floors.
  • Is easy to store when not in use, by simply locking the handle into place.

The Hape wooden walker is made from high-quality wood and uses only non-toxic finishes. This sturdy little wagon is sure to become a favorite for your toddler, I know it’s one of my toddler’s favorites.

Hape Wonder Walker

The Hape Wonder Walker has so many fun activities for your little one to do, in addition to learning how to walk. This all-wooden walker, with rubber-lined wheels, is sure to keep your child entertained for a really long time.

Some of the activities include:

  • moveable knobs in a fun little maze
  • gears to turn
  • sliding balls
  • and an area to push toys around as well

All of the wood is sustainably sourced and the paints are all child safe and water-based. It is such a fun and interactive toy.

Kinderfeets Cargo Walker

Here is another all-wood version of a wagon walker. This Cargo Walker from Kinderfeets is a really nice classic-looking push wagon that is a nice blue/gray color. The wooden rails are removable and the cargo portion is a very good size.

The big wooden wheels are rubber lined and very durable. You can move them further back when your child is first learning to walk. Once your child has mastered walking the wheels can be moved further up, which helps to improve the maneuverability of the wagon.

For an all-wood walker, it is affordable yet very high-quality and aesthetically pleasing.

Kinderfeets Pram Walker

If you are looking for a wooden walker/stroller this Pram from Kinderfeets checks all of the boxes. It is adorable and is perfect for your child to learn how to walk while pushing their favorite doll or stuffed animal around.

It has a very sturdy construction. This pram is handmade from birch wood and water-based inks. The wooden wheels are rubber lined making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

This gorgeous pram comes in a beautiful pink color or a simple white color. And both options are lovely.

Fat Brain Toys Busy Baby Deluxe Walker

The Fat Brain Toys Busy Baby Deluxe Walker is a really great activity walker. It is perfect for developing your child’s fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills.

It is made from high-quality wood and non-toxic paints and has so many fun activities, such as:

  • a wooden bead maze
  • counting beads
  • turning gears
  • a mirror
  • a really fun shape sorter on the side
  • and a mini xylophone to play music too
  • there is storage space as well that is covered with a net to keep your child’s belongings secure during their adventures

This walker measures 20 inches tall so it is a good pick for a taller baby. It is also very sturdy and a blast to play and learn with.

Baby Walker Tips

  • Never allow your child to use their walker without full supervision.
  • Make sure you choose a walker that has a sturdy base and won’t easily topple over.
  • A walker with rubber wheels is best for hardwood floors for 2 reasons: (1)to provide the walker some traction and give your baby more control and (2) rubber wheels won’t scratch hard floors.
  • For your child’s safety be sure you have enough space and a safe environment for your little one to walk around in.

Some More Alternatives to Walkers

While I think push walkers are great for babies and toddlers and really help them learn to walk really well in a faster time frame if you don’t want to buy a baby walker, here are some good alternatives that you probably already have around your house.

  • Chairs: I am pretty sure all of my kids enjoyed pushing chairs around the house. And not just the small chairs we have at our toddler table. They would push around our dining table chairs as well.
  • Step stools: We have a wooden step stool that my youngest would put his toys on and then push around.
  • Boxes: If you have big boxes lying around (preferably ones that are not very dirty and germy) they are a good option to let your toddler push around as well.
best eco-friendly baby walker for your toddler

Teaching your baby to walk is so much fun! By adding one of these wooden eco-friendly walkers You are sure to make it even more fun. Whether you choose an activity walker, wagon walker, block walker, or a non-traditional push walker like a shopping cart or stroller, ANY of these non-toxic walkers will be a great addition to your child’s toy collection.

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