Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas: Your Babies and Toddlers Will Love

An eco-friendly Easter basket in the grass

As the Easter bunny hops, hops, hops his way into town, it is a great time to start gathering up all those perfect eco-friendly Easter basket ideas for all of your little bunnies. From natural wooden toys to organic treats, I am going to share with you some of my favorite items that are fun, sustainable, and non-toxic to help you create the best eco-friendly Easter basket for your babies, toddlers, and preschool-age children. I promise you these ideas are egg-cellent!

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

Let’s hop right in here (that’s my last one..I swear) and start with the actual basket.

When looking for a non-toxic and eco-friendly Easter basket it is best to choose one that is made from natural materials while also being sturdy enough to hold up year after year. My two favorite baskets are this one from Sarah’s Silks and these Bolga Baskets.

They both have the look of a traditional easter basket while being completely safe and eco-friendly. I have a few of each of these for my boys and they have all held up really well, are a perfect size, and still look as good as they did the day I bought them.

I know that some people prefer a fabric basket for their little ones, which is fine as long as you can find ones made from cotton. The problem for me is that I have never been able to find ones that hold up really well with repeated use so I choose to stay away from them, personally.

You could also make your own easter basket out of any kind of baskets or totes you have hanging around your house. It is always a good practice to recycle and reuse items that you already have.

Please, please, please stay away from plastic baskets as they are not eco-friendly at all, do not last long, and are usually made from toxic materials.

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beautiful easter eggs in the grass with organic daisies

Unique eco-friendly options for the bottom of your Easter Baskets

Instead of using that fake plastic grass this year that is not only toxic but also really bad for the environment you can choose from one of these better greener options.

  1. Play Silks: I am going to say that this is my favorite choice. Not only are they sustainably produced, but they are also absolutely gorgeous, and super soft. The best part about choosing a play silk is that it also makes a really amazing open-ended toy.
  2. Real Grass: I can’t say for sure if using your own grass from your yard is a good option but there are a few different kits that you can buy to actually grow your own grass for your basket. This is such a great option. It is also a great way to teach your children about growing plants. And the best part… when you are finished with it you can plant it in your yard.
  3. Small Baby Blankets: If you have any small swaddling blankets laying around that are not currently being used, they would also be another great alternative to plastic easter basket grass. If you need to find great organic baby blankets read this post.

Eco-Friendly Easter Gifts: Toys and Treats

There are so many different eco-friendly toys and organic treats that you can put in your child’s Easter basket. The options really are endless. But these are some of the ones that I will be putting in my little ones’ eco-friendly Easter baskets this year.

You can also refer to this post about stocking stuffers because so many of these items would be a perfect addition to your children’s Easter baskets as well.

Perfect Easter Gift Ideas for Babies 12 Months and Under

baby in a non-toxic easter basket
  • Organic Cotton Stuffed Bunny: A cute plush toy would be so perfect for your sweet baby’s Easter basket. I love these bunnies from Under the Nile. Any of the Senger stuffed animals are amazing and organic as well. I buy all of my Senger stuffed animals here.
  • Haba Musical Eggs: If your little one is old enough to grab and hold items then these eggs are one of my kids’ favorites. They are colorful and each one makes a different gorgeous sound. You won’t regret buying a set of these and they would be so cute arranged in a basket.
  • Rattles: There are so many different types of rattles. Wooden rattles are such a cute fun gift. I get all of mine from either Bannor toys or Maple Landmark.

Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers

toddler outside playing with easter eggs
  • Wooden Toy Food: As far as I am concerned you can never have enough wooden toy food. I love to get mine from Plan Toys or Bella Luna. While any food items would be fun choosing wooden carrots, or wooden toy eggs would be especially cute!
  • Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Bunnies: This little bunny family is so stinking cute. I also have the bear family as well and highly recommend it as well. Both are adorable, high-quality toys that your kids can play with for a long time. They encourage so much imaginative play, too.
  • Bath Toys: Cute bath toys are so fun for Easter basket gifts. Choose ones that are either natural rubber or made from high-quality silicone. Check out this post that is chock full of adorable non-toxic bath toys.
  • Toy Trains: Do your kids love trains as much as my kids do? I bought a set of these for each of my kids. They are compatible with the Ikea wooden tracks and look so pretty out on shelves as well.
  • Musical Instruments: Maple Landmark makes so many fun wooden musical instruments that are fun and the perfect size for a basket.
  • Crayons: non-toxic crayons are perfect for your little artist. These ones* are some of my kids’ favorites. Or check out my non-toxic crayons post here.
  • Eco-Dough: My kids love eco-dough. It is a great healthy alternative to playdoh. Eco-dough is made with only natural dyes and comes in adorable clear containers that would look so cute in any Easter basket.
  • Wooden Cars and Trucks: There are so many beautiful wooden cars and trucks from so many different brands. I love these ones from Grimms. They are colorful, fun, and the perfect size for little hands and little baskets. You can get $10 off by using this link.

Toxic-Free Easter Basket Ideas for Pre-School Children

pre-schooler sitting with an eco-friendly easter basket
  • Hollow Wooden Eggs: Hollow wooden Easter eggs that are able to pop open are perfect for holding any little treats and toys. They are also the perfect reusable egg if you do an easter egg hunt with your littles as well.
  • Plan Toys Wooden Lacing Sheep: I love this wooden sheep from Plan Toys. It is perfectly Montessori and helps develop fine motor skills and perfectly fits any Easter theme.
  • Organic Jelly Beans: I know most people’s easter traditions include solid chocolate bunnies and various other easter candy. If you are looking for a little something sugary for your child this year, the organic jelly beans from surf’s sweets are seed oil free and are so good.
  • Board Games: Small board games are a great addition to any basket. Haba makes some amazing games for young children that include wooden pieces and a lot of imaginative play.
  • Puzzle Pieces: I have two new puzzles for my 3-year-old’s basket this year. No matter how many of these wooden puzzles I buy, I never seem o have enough. I bought this one and this one for this year’s basket.
  • Matching Games: Wooden matching games are so much fun and are something my kids play with often. We have ones from Bannor toys, Maple Landmark, and Tender Leaf Toys.
  • Beach Toys: Fun shovels and sand molds are a perfect Easter basket addition. My kids love this Green Toys set and this sand toy from Haba is amazing!
  • Outdoor Adventure Toys: With the warmer weather of spring and then summer coming soon, I love to give my children fun little adventure toys like wooden compasses and magnifying glasses. They are a big hit for exploring the natural world. Bella Luna Toys has an amazing collection of outdoor adventure toys.
  • Gift Cards for Fun Activities: My husband and I love to make our own cute Eastery “gift cards” for our children. They are able to redeem them for fun outdoor activities throughout the warmer months. Some of my kids’ favorites have been: a beach day, a picnic at the park, and hiking.

Creating a non-toxic Easter basket for your young children is such a fun way to still enjoy your Easter morning traditions without having to worry about giving your children a bunch of sweet treats and single-use toys. I hope that these suggestions are helpful and you are able to create a beautiful Easter basket for your young kids.

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