First Birthday Gift Guide for the Organic Toddler

My littlest man is a couple days away from turning the big 1!! This will be my fourth first birthday and yet no matter how many first birthday’s I go through the day never seems to get easier.

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Don’t get me wrong, of course I love to watch them grow, and grow, and grow. But at the same time I want them to stay sweet little babies forever. Especially my youngest. He is my baby-baby and I wanted to keep him that way…for just a little bit longer.

With that said, I do enjoy planning the party and even more than that I love the presents! It is so much fun watching a one year old, enjoy their first birthday presents.

So, What’s in Plastic Toys, Anyway?

Before I get into the actual toys, lets take a moment to talk about what is in traditional plastic toys. A simple online search of toxics in children toys, brings up hundreds of articles about what is in plastic toys and why they should be avoided. Just to give you an idea, I found a study from 2010 done by the Ecology Centre, a Michigan based consumer safety program. This study revealed, that most of the toys they tested,contained harmful levels of: lead, cadmium, phthalates, chemical flame-retardants, Bisphenol A (BPA), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and AZO dyes. These are all obviously toxic chemicals that we all should be avoiding as much as possible. But especially for young children where the toxic load is so much more on their small growing bodies.

What Should My Children Play With, Instead?

Thankfully, there are plenty of safe and fun options for children to play with. I highly recommend unfinished wooden toys, or toys finished with organic paint. Also, toys made from certified organic fabric are really good as well. Here are some of the toys that I buy regularly from some of my favorite non-toxic brands.

  1. PlanToys Stacker Toy
  2. If you have never heard of PlanToys then you should really check them out. They are my favorite brand for childrens toys-hands down. PlanToys is a company from Thailand that produces high quality wooden toys made from sustainable rubber wood trees. They color their toys with organic dyes made mostly from vegetables.
    Stacker toys are a great gift for baby’s developing hand eye coordination. And the bright colors on this one hold my little one’s attention for a really long time! Check it out here.

  3. PlanToys Clatter Music Toy

  4. I wasn’t lying when I said I love PlanToys. Here is another great toy for a first Birthday. It is colorful and makes just the right amount of noise… it is noisy enough for toddlers to love it and constantly grab for it, but not too noisy to drive Mommy or Daddy crazy! I originally bought this for my now 2 year olds, first birthday last year, and it is still a favorite, for him and all his brothers! See this fun toy here.

  5. PlanToys Walk N Roll
  6. This one is a lot of fun. My youngest son just started walking (my first to walk before a year old). He loves to push this around and listen to the sound of the balls clicking around inside. Even if your one year old can’t walk yet, they can sit on the floor and roll it around as well (he loves to do that as well). You can buy it here.

  7. Bannor Toys Rattle Car
  8. Bannor Toys is another toy company I just love and love to support. They are a family owned company out of Iowa. They make high quality wood toys right out of their shop and most of them come finished with just organic beeswax. I love all of their toys! We have quite the collection at my house, but I think these rattle cars are a ton of fun for a one year old to play with. You can buy them on Amazon here. Or you can see all the other amazing wooden toys they sell, by clicking on my referral link here.

  9. PlanToys Wagon
  10. Ok, so I don’t actually have this one. But I have had it in my Target cart for at least a year now. It is a bit of a “dream” item because of it’s price point, but it is just so stinking cute. And the sides are chalkboard, so the thought of the kids doodling all over the sides adds an extra level of fun! But seriously what little kid doesn’t love to pull a wagon around full of all of their toys and books. I could honestly see having to get a few of these just because I know all of my boys would be fighting over it! Add it to your Target cart here.

  11. HABA Baby’s First Block Set
  12. Blocks…can never have enough blocks! These ones by HABA are made in Germany from sustainable German forestry and then stained with nontoxic water based stains. These blocks are the perfect size for little hands and allow children to have hours of imaginative play. If I could only give my children one toy to play with, I really do believe it would be wooden blocks. Buy these ones here.

    And of course the list wouldn’t be complete without a DIY present made by Mommy. I almost have it finished and can’t wait to share it so stay tuned!!

29 thoughts on “First Birthday Gift Guide for the Organic Toddler”

  1. Great post! I will consider these ideas and share them to my family and friends! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!


  2. These are some great ideas, defintely going to share this with my family before the babies first birthday this December.

  3. I love wooden toys!!! Our kiddos love their wooden blocks and cars. I understand your hesitance towards your baby-baby turning one… I have the same feelings with our youngest getting older… and he’ll be 3 in November! Hugs momma!

  4. These are cute toys! I don’t care too much about what’s in the plastic toys. They are much safer than they were when we were little and we are okay!

  5. I love this list! Great list of items. And I feel you, I love to see my babies grow but their first birthday seems the hardest because they stop being my baby. We are a Montessori household so we have no plastic toys, and are always looking for additional suggestions for alternatives. Thanks for the great list.

  6. Great ideas! I really like that you included why plastic toys aren’t the best option. This definitely gave me some ideas for my niece’s birthday in a few months!

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