Get to Know Me…

Hey, I’m Karen. Welcome to Crafty Organic I am a wife and mama to 5 busy boys. My goal in life, like yours, is to raise the healthiest happiest children that I can. It is so important to me to use the safest, highest quality products that I can find. But I also know that organic, high quality products usually come with a pretty hefty price tag…which I can’t always afford. That is why I enjoy DIY-ing so much! If I can’t find or afford the products that I want I will craft it myself. All of my patterns featured on are available on my free patterns and printables page, which you can signup for here.

I have always had an interest in living a healthy life. However, it wasn’t until my second little boy developed eczema at 6 weeks old, that I learned that I might not be doing everything I could or should be doing. Being healthy is more than just consuming an organic diet. It is about choosing the right products for everything we come in contact with. What we wear, what we sit and sleep in, what we put on our skin. It is all important and it all makes a difference. Fortunately, by making some necessary changes to our everyday environment I was able to reverse my son’s eczema before his first birthday. And I am happy to report that he has been eczema free ever since.

~5 Fast Facts About Me~

  1. I own more wrapping paper than any one person ever should.
  2. That goes for fabric too. There are so many cute organic fabrics and I need them all-even if I don’t know exactly what I want to use them for.
  3. Going to Target is my guilty pleasure. I never leave Target without getting way more than I planned on (does anybody?)
  4. If it comes in pink…it is perfect.
  5. I start and finish everyday with a hot cup of organic tea in my favorite non toxic mug. It’s the 10 minute gift that I give to myself each day!

I would love to have you join me and we can learn and create a beautiful non-toxic life together, so be sure to follow along! You can sign up for my newsletter here so that you never miss a post!! And if you ever want to just chat you can email me here. I love to get mail 😉

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