The Best Non-Toxic Baby and Kiddie Pools for Summer

non-toxic baby pool

If you are looking for a non-toxic kiddie pool for your child to splash around in this summer, you have come to the right place. I have found the best kiddie pools that are not only adorable, but also completely non-toxic, and safe! All of these pools are a great way to keep your babies and toddlers entertained and cool all summer long!

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What Makes a Kiddie Pool Non-Toxic?

I want to start by mentioning that there is no perfect baby pool. If they ever come out with a silicone or natural rubber baby pool I would buy that in a heartbeat. However, until that day comes, there are still better and safer options that are made from safer plastics. Unfortunately, there are also options that should be avoided completely.

Before purchasing a pool for your baby or toddler it is important to be aware of exactly what it is made from. Whether it is a hard plastic or a soft plastic, like PVC, is very important to know.

There are basically two options when it comes to kiddie pools:

  1. You can buy an inflatable baby pool or
  2. You can buy a hard plastic kiddie pool. Most of the hard plastic molded pools are made from high-density polyethylene, which is one of the safest plastics that you can buy.

If you are trying to avoid harmful chemicals, the safer option will always be to choose a hard plastic pool for your baby. Here are the reasons why you should exclusively stick to hard plastic baby pools.

non-toxic kiddie and baby pool

What Materials Should You Avoid

Those soft plastic inflatable pools that are commonly found all over the stores all throughout the summer, you know the ones that as soon as you take them out of the package it just smells like chemicals. Well, these pools are full of toxic chemicals that can leach into the water and also absorb directly into your children’s skin. The summer heat and sun will also cause these chemicals to off-gas at a much faster rate, making for an overall bad combination

These chemicals include Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), a known neurotoxin, Bisphenol A (BPA), and Phthalates. All of these chemicals can have health risks for your young children including, but not limited to learning disabilities, asthma, allergies, as well as certain cancers, and an overall decreased immune function. 1

I understand completely that all of those inflatable kiddie pools look like so much fun and they come in cute and fun designs with many fun features, but, unfortunately, you are going to want to avoid them completely for your young child’s pool time this summer.

The good news is that many of the non-toxic baby pools are also really cute and have some really great features as well. So you and your children won’t be missing out.

Advantages of a Hard Plastic Baby Pool

Besides for the fact that they are non-toxic, there are a few other advantages to choosing plastic pools over inflatable baby pools.

  1. They are really easy to clean. Usually, just a quick wipe-down is all they need and they are ready to go for the next use.
  2. Hard plastic baby pools are sturdy and last a lot longer than pools made from softer plastics like PVC. The inflatable PVC pools can easily get a hole in them, especially with constant outdoor use and they tend to only last for a couple of months of use.
  3. They don’t need to be inflated, which takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you are doing it by mouth.

The Best Non-Toxic Baby/Kiddie Pools

Luckily there are some really great non-toxic options that you are going to love! They come in some really cute prints and styles and have some really fun features that will keep your kids coming back to them over and over again.

Step 2 Play and Shade Pool for Toddlers

We’ll get started with my favorite of the non-toxic kiddie pools. This Step 2 Play and Shade Pool is made from hard plastic and comes with 2 seats molded into it. Making it a comfortable and fun option for your babies and toddlers. It is simple and sweet but also has some really cute features. I love that it comes with a removable umbrella to provide the perfect amount of shade while your child is enjoying some water time fun in the sun. This pool also comes with some really fun water toys that clip right onto the umbrella stand. The water wheel spinner is so much fun and the cups are the perfect water accessory.

This pool holds up to 12 gallons of water and has plenty of room in it, as Step 2 has it recommended for ages 24 months up to 10 years old. Of course, your younger babies and toddlers can use it as well.

Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

I know this is not considered a traditional kiddie pool, but I bet you didn’t know that most sandboxes make great baby pools. They are durable, made from a hard molded plastic, and can hold a lot! Just make sure that the sandbox you choose does not contain any drainage holes. Obviously, if it does you will have a pretty hard time holding in the water.

I have had this particular turtle sandbox for years in my backyard. (I also had a very similar turtle sandbox growing up, as I am sure many other parents had as well. So it has a certain sentimental appeal as well.) We have used it both as a sandbox and as a pool. But I think my kids definitely prefer it so much more as a pool.

They just love the idea of a turtle-shaped pool and they have so much fun splashing around inside of him.

They just love the idea of a turtle-shaped pool and they have so much fun splashing around inside of him.

Starplay Kiddie Pool

Starplay makes adorable hard plastic kiddie pools that come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. You have a choice between an apple shape, a sunflower shape, or a shape they call lagoon. They come in 2 different sizes small or large. The small measures about 35.6 inches in diameter and the large measures about 45.6 inches in diameter. You also have your choice of colors between pink, blue or green.

Starplay also makes a hippo kiddie pool that comes in either green or purple and comes with a cover so it can act as a sandbox as well. However, if you do want a cover for the other Starplay pools you can simply buy two and use one as the top and one as the bottom, and they will lock together perfectly.

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Indoor Outdoor Wet or Dry Slide

I know that this next option is not a kiddie pool but this water slide is so much fun if your kids are looking for some simple water play. While it can be used as just a regular slide, it also has a super fun feature as well.

If you hook it up to your hose outside, it will spray water from above. Not only is it a blast for the kids getting wet but they also slide down even faster. If your kids love water slides or just slides in general they will love playing on this slide all summer long!

This solid plastic slide can also act as a fun accessory to your baby pool when you use to slide down into the pool. My toddlers enjoy doing this a lot, but I do want to mention that I only allow them to do this when I am there to watch them very carefully. However you choose to use this slide, though, it is the perfect addition to your summertime fun.


Again this is not a baby or kiddie pool; however, I think it’s only fair to mention the good old-fashioned sprinkler. There is something about the simplicity of a sprinkler that kids go crazy about during the summer months. My toddlers can play in our sprinkler for hours and it really tires them out since they are moving around so much, making for a very simple nap time in the afternoon. Not only that sprinklers tend to be very affordable and are also an easy cleanup.

I do want to mention that we just use a normal metal sprinkler that you find in the garden store. You know, the ones that people usually buy to water their grass and not one of the versions that are tailored to toddlers and young kids. The cute kiddie ones are usually made from PVC and will off-gas chemicals such as phthalates and BPA.

Non-Toxic Water Toys that are perfect for your Baby Pool

There are so many great options for non-toxic water toys that are perfect for the baby pool as well as the bath. You can read my whole post about all of the amazing water toys available here. But if you are looking for some adorable and fun options right now, I can’t resist mentioning some of my children’s absolute favorites.

  • Green Toys Ferry: This is a nice size boat that comes with 2 mini cars that fit perfectly inside of the ferry. My boys love to float this on top of the water in the pool and then attempt to drive the cars in the water as well. Green Toys makes great non-toxic plastic toys that are so perfect for any type of water play.
  • Mushie Stacking Cups: These gorgeous stacking cups are absolutely perfect for water play and are good for hours and hours of play inside and outside of the water. I mean seriously what kid can resist scooping up water for hours on end.
  • Tikiri Ocean Buddies: If your child loves animals- particularly ocean animals, these super cute ocean animals are perfect for your child. These little ocean buddies are made from natural rubber in Sri Lanka and come in a wide variety of animals. Whether you choose the seahorse, dolphin, octopus, or my personal favorite the turtle your child is sure to love playing with them in their pool. As an added bonus they are also rattles so they have a little bit of extra fun for younger babies and toddlers as well.
  • Oli and Carol Origami Boat: This fun silicone boat comes is so sweet and actually floats in the water. Which is naturally my little boy’s favorite feature. He won’t do pool time without it.

Five Tips for Fun and Safe Water Play

Now that you know the best non-toxic baby pools for your little kids. I do just want to mention some quick tips for fun and safe water play.

  1. This is obvious but never leave your young child alone in the pool unattended.
  2. The safest way for your child to play in the pool is in a seated position. Standing up increases the risk of them slipping and falling and getting hurt.
  3. I recommend always emptying the pool after use. For one, you don’t want your toddler to accidentally climb back in when you aren’t there to watch them. The second reason is that sitting water is a breeding ground for bacteria. Sitting water is also very attractive to some bugs, particularly mosquitos.
  4. If possible fill your pool using a PVC-free garden hose, to further limit your small child’s exposure to PVC.
  5. It is best to store your pool in a shady spot, inside a garage, or a shed when not in use. The heat from the sun can destroy the plastic giving it a much shorter lifespan.
non-toxic baby and kiddie pools

While I wish that there were many, many more non-toxic baby pool options to choose from, I think these options are a lot of fun and they are just so cute. I am sure that your babies and toddlers will have so much fun playing in their PVC-free pools this summer and you can feel great about choosing the best and healthiest option available.

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