The Best Non-Toxic Indoor and Outdoor Baby Swings

non-toxic baby swings

If you are looking for the perfect non-toxic swing for your baby or toddler that can be used either inside or outdoors here are some amazing options!

There is nothing quite like putting your baby in a swing for the first time and watching their face light up with joy and excitement. Not only are baby swings a lot of fun they are also the perfect place to put a cranky or fussy baby.

I have compiled a list of 5 of the best non-toxic swings for infants 6 months and older. And the best part is they are all perfect for your little one to use inside or outside the house!

So if you are dreaming of a gorgeous baby swing hanging from that tree in your front yard or watching your sweet baby gently swinging in a swing in the middle of your living room…read on!

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What are the Benefits of a Baby Swing?

There are so many wonderful benefits of using a swing for your baby.

  1. Calming: The swinging motion is very calming for babies and toddlers as well. This goes back to the time your baby spent in the womb. Swinging mimics those relaxing movements perfectly and will calm the fussiest baby.
  2. Develops Balance and Coordination: The constant movement your baby feels while sitting in their swing helps them to learn to balance and to coordinate movements. It also helps your baby and toddler to start to develop their core muscles as well.
  3. Develops Vision Perception: The constant swinging back and forth helps to develop baby’s vision by forcing them to try to focus on objects when they are moving closer to them and then when they are moving farther away.

When should I start using a baby swing?

The perfect time to start using a hanging swing with your baby is when your baby reaches 6 months old or when they can sit independently and unassisted.

If your baby is under 6 months and you are looking for a safe and non-toxic place for your baby to sit in, it is best to start with a baby bouncer or rocker.

How to choose a non-toxic baby swing?

As always when it comes to choosing non-toxic products for your baby and toddler it is best to look for simple products made from high-quality natural materials like organic cotton, canvas, or unfinished wood.

All of the swings on this list are also free from batteries and any type of electrical cords. They are just baby hanging swings. Swings that just simply move with your baby’s natural movements or when a parent or older sibling gently pushes them. Which I think is exactly the way a swing should be.

Macrame Swings

Finn and Emma Macrame Swing

Grab this Fun Macrame Swing at Finn + Emma

The Finn and Emma Macrame swing is a stunning swing made from organic cotton and a solid wood bar by artisans in India. The pattern is so gorgeous and the fringe detail makes it even nicer.

This swing is perfect for babies and toddlers up to 40 pounds and it contains a macrame belt to keep your baby securely in place.

MakeMake Organics Macrame Swing

MakeMake Organics Macrame Swing is a luxurious macrame baby swing made from certified organic cotton and a natural wood bar. It is handwoven in a GOTS certified organic factory in India. This swing also contains fringe around the swing that makes it even more stunning!

Just like the Finn and Emma Macrame Swing, Make Make Organics Macrame Swing is also suitable for babies and toddlers up to 40 pounds. And would look perfect hanging in any room of your house or outside hanging from your porch.

Canvas Swings

Solvej Baby and Toddler Swing

The Solvej Baby and Toddler Swing is the perfect baby hanging swing for indoor or outdoor use. This completely non-toxic swing is made in New Zealand from high-quality cotton canvas that is completely rotproof and all-natural timber.

If you are looking for a baby swing that will last for many many years to come, this is the perfect option. It is perfect for babies 6 months old all the way up to 6 years old. With a maximum weight of 88 pounds!

The Solvej Indoor/Outdoor swing comes in 4 different colors: midnight blue, soft linen (a tan color), slate grey, and smokey grey.

Monkey and Mouse Swing

The Monkey and Mouse Baby and Toddler swing is the most affordable swing on the list- and it really is a great deal! It is made from double-sided cotton canvas, natural beechwood, and marine-grade polyethylene rope. It also contains a removable cotton pad for additional cushioning.

An extra bonus to the Monkey and Mouse Swing is that it contains natural beechwood rings and beads to make a perfect toy for additional entertainment and to encourage hand-eye coordination.

This infant and toddler swing is designed for babies 6 months old and up to 4 years old and up to 110 pounds. The height is adjustable which makes it even more perfect for older toddlers and young children. You have a choice of 2 colors: cream or a grey and white combination.

Wooden Swings

EcoTribe Wooden Swing

Ecotribe makes some of the cutest wooden swings for babies and toddlers that I have ever seen! This heirloom-quality swing is handcrafted from untreated birch wood and has secure all-natural cotton ropes.

You can choose between 2 different fun animal options: a horse (that comes either natural or varnished-but I recommend the natural for sure) or a unicorn. They are both equally cute and it can make for quite a difficult decision.

Every time I look at this swing all I can think of is how perfect it would look hanging from a tree with a sweet little babe laughing and having a blast rocking back and forth in their horse (or unicorn)! It would also look perfect in a nursery- especially if that nursery is animal-themed.

The EcoTribe wooden swing is for ages 6 months up to 3 years old and for children up to 45 pounds.

Whether you choose a macrame swing made from organic cotton, a cotton canvas swing that can be used for many years to come or an adorable high quality wood swing in your baby’s favorite animal, your baby or toddler is guaranteed to love their new non-toxic swing. Not only is the swing a perfect place to soothe a fussy baby it is also so much fun and perfect for your baby’s development! Which of these non-toxic indoor/outdoor swings is best for your child?

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Non-Toxic indoor and outdoor swings for infants and toddlers

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