The 7 Best Wooden Play Gyms Your Baby Will Love

baby playing with wooden baby gym

Are you looking for the perfect toy for your infant? One that keeps them entertained while encouraging them to properly work through all of their developmental stages? If you answered yes, then a play gym is exactly the toy that you need!

Naturally, if your baby is going to be playing with this toy daily for his or her first year of life and possibly more, you are going to want one that is made from organic materials and completely free from all harmful chemicals. That is why you are going to want to choose a non-toxic play gym for your sweet little baby. Fortunately, there are many great choices.

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What is a baby play gym?

A baby play gym is a frame, made from either wood or plastic, that has various toys that hang down from the top bar. These baby gym toys can be made from a wide variety of materials. Every time your baby lays under it they are not only having fun but they are experiencing many benefits.

Does my Baby Really Need an Activity Gym?

Baby gyms offer your baby a ton of developmental benefits, both physically and mentally. Child development experts agree that activity gyms help to:

  1. They help build coordination skills in babies
  2. improve gross motor skills like reaching and crawling
  3. improve fine motor skills
  4. explore their environment through all of their senses
  5. improve cognitive development
  6. hand-eye coordination
  7. help to improve depth perception

Plus, they make tummy time much more fun with all of the extra stimulation and toys. And even better they can be used from the 0 months plus.

mommy and baby playing with non-toxic play gym

Wooden Baby Gyms vs Plastic or Fabric Baby Gyms: Why Wooden Baby Gyms are Best

A wooden activity gym is a much healthier choice than a plastic or fabric one.

  1. Wooden baby gyms are made from high-quality non-toxic, baby-safe materials ( i.e.unfinished wood, organic cotton, and non-toxic stains and paints.)
  2. Conventional baby gyms will contain toxic chemicals and harmful substances, like phthalates (linked to serious developmental and reproductive health issues), Bisphenol-A (BPA), flame retardants, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and heavy metals such as lead, and cadmium. Which all have a negative effect on your baby’s health and development.

This is why the best baby play gyms are made from wood and other completely natural materials.

What are the benefits of using a baby gym?

As I mentioned a little bit above, wooden play gyms help to develop your child’s physical skills while they explore and learn about their environment. Wooden activity gyms offer so many benefits that contribute to overall development including:

  • improving hand-eye coordination
  • stimulating all five senses
  • encouraging problem-solving skills and creative thinking
  • improving fine motor skills
  • they strengthen the bond between parent and child
  • encourage cause-and-effect behaviors
  • provide easy early entertainment for your infant

The Best Non-Toxic Play Gyms for Babies

Here are 7 wooden baby gyms that are beautiful, fun, and made from completely non-toxic and natural materials.

Finn + Emma Play Gym

The Finn + Emma Play Gym is absolutely gorgeous and extremely high quality. This is the best wooden baby play gym available, in my opinion. I actually have this one for my little boys and I can say with no hesitation that it is worth every penny. We have gotten so much use out of it (I have used it for my last 4 babies and it still looks brand new) and I love how you can easily mix and match the toys that hang off of it, making it perfectly customizable.

The Finn + Emma play gym is a 100% birch wood frame. It comes in 3 color options: either natural, dark, or white. All stains and lacquer are ultra-low VOC and free from lead, formaldehyde, and phthalates. The frame can be adjusted to 2 different sizes making it the perfect height depending on whether you have an infant who will lay under it or an older baby who will sit next to it.

For the toys you have a choice of either knit toys that are GOTS certified organic and stuffed with sheep wool and a small rattle inside, wood toys that are made from untreated Indian hardwood, or macrame that is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and Indian hardwood.

The stuffed toys and the macrame toys are handmade by artisanal women. To make it even better, the toys can also be played with on their own or as stroller toys or hung from car seats as well, so you definitely get your money’s worth with this wood baby play gym. The wooden toys also make really great wooden teething toys when your baby enters the teething stage.

Lily & River Little Mobile

The Lily & River Little Mobile baby activity gym is another one of my absolute favorites. It has a clean classic look and looks so modern with its simple muted colors. This wooden baby gym is made in the USA from natural untreated bamboo and has absolutely no VOCs. The toys are a mix of organic unfinished wood and soft silicone beads.

The best part of the Lily & River Little Mobile is that it is great for small spaces. Because when your infant is done with it for the day you can easily fold it up and put it away until the next time. Although it is so pretty and nice to look at that you may want it out all the time.

Plan Toys Play Gym

Plan Toys is one of the first wood toy companies that I ever bought from. So I have a soft spot for all of their high-quality wooden toys. The Plan Toys non-toxic wooden play gym is no different.

The frame is made, in Thailand, from solid rubberwood and it comes with 2 solid wood toys (a rocket ship and a planet). Both toys are detachable and can be played with separately from the play gym making them perfect for older babies as well. You have a choice between pastel (which is more girly in light pinks, purples, and yellows) or orchard (which is darker with blues, greens, and browns). The Plan Toys activity gym is very high quality and is a bargain compared to other wooden baby gyms.

Haba Color Fun Play Gym

Haba makes great high-quality wood toys and as the name implies the Color Fun Play Gym is colorful and fun. This wooden baby gym is also great for those babies who like to sit up and play. There are actually two different heights that you can adjust the frame to so that it best suits your child’s size and abilities.

The Haba Color Fun Play Gym comes with a dangling frog that hangs down for your baby to reach and grab for. It also has bright wooden discs on both sides to encourage your little one to roll and move around to reach and slide the discs back and forth. The Haba play gym is also a really good bargain price and a fun high-quality wooden toy for your young baby.

Lovevery The Play Gym

The Lovevery Play Gym is a very popular and best-selling wooden baby gym. It has a sleek and modern design with bright colors.

If you have never heard of Lovevery before they are an amazing company that focuses on your baby’s development through playing with toys. All of their toys are Montessori-inspired and promote brain and motor skill development.

The Play Gym is an activity gym and an activity mat that has 5 different developmental zones and can be played with from ages 0 months up to toddler age. It truly is a non-toxic baby activity center. It is made of sustainably harvested FSC-Certified wood and organic accessories that are finished with water-based non-toxic finishes. All of the toys are removable and great for teething and developing hand-eye coordination by passing from hand to hand.

One more really fun feature the Lovevery Play Gym offers is that once your baby has outgrown it as a baby gym it can convert into a toddler play fort.

Le Toy Van Hot Air Balloon Baby Gym

The Le Toy Van Hot Air Balloon Baby Gym is just so cute. Between the bright fun colors and sweet smiling faces on the sun, cloud, and the little animals, it is sure to entertain your baby for hours. I especially love the little bells inside both of the hot air balloon toys that jingle and jangle when hit. It is such a fun way to teach cause and effect.

This wooden baby gym is made from repurposed solid rubberwood and non-toxic paints. This is the perfect toy to brighten up any play area.

Charlie Crane NAHO Activity Arch

The Charlie Crane NAHO Activity Arch is the perfect addition to any baby’s nursery. It is very high quality and elegant looking. This wooden activity center is made from beech plywood and the toys are all solid beech wood.

The Charlie Crane Activity Arch has 3 different dangling toys: a wooden ring, a cloud, and 3 balls that hang at slightly different levels to keep your baby occupied, entertained, and curious during playtime.

How long do babies play with play gyms?

Depending on the play gym and your baby’s developmental level, baby play gyms can be used from day one until toddler age. It really depends on your baby. For example, In my house, I currently use our wooden play gym with my 7-month-old, who still loves to lay under it and pull and hit all of the toys, despite the fact that he can sit up perfectly-go figure. His older brother, who is 2 1/2 years old, will also play with it quite often as well. So I guess the point that I am trying to make is that baby play gyms can be played with for many years.

Quick Tips for Baby Gym Use

  1. The safest place to use a baby gym is always on a floor. Even the youngest baby may surprise you with their ability to squirm and move around. Naturally, that is not a lesson you want to learn the hard way.
  2. I highly recommend using a non-toxic baby play mat for your baby to lay on while they are playing with their baby activity gym. I just recently bought this beautiful mat that fits perfectly with most play gyms. I also have this non-toxic mat for our playroom, that is perfect for baby to move and roll around on. It is one of the best non-toxic play mats!
  3. As baby gets older it is a lot of fun to watch them explore all the different toys on their wooden baby gym. It is beneficial to demonstrate to your baby how to reach, grab, and show them how different toys work so they can learn through imitation.
baby playing with wooden baby gym and mommy

Your baby will have a blast playing with any of these non-toxic wooden baby gyms. They all have different qualities and features that make them the perfect toy for your baby. You just have to decide which features are most important to you and your child.

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The Best Non-Toxic Play Gyms for Babies

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