Non-Toxic Wooden Blocks: 13 Best Sets for Your Toddlers

best non-toxic wooden blocks

There is no greater toy in the world for your babies and toddlers to play with than a set of wooden blocks. Blocks are a blast for young children whether they are stacking them up and knocking them down, using them to learn their ABCs and numbers, or building houses and castles. You can’t go wrong with a set of high-quality, non-toxic wooden blocks.

Blocks are the one toy that no matter how many sets you have, you can never have enough of. And it is also so great how despite the brand or type of blocks you can mix and match all of them for even more variation in play. Because after all, you can never have enough blocks. And from a mother’s perspective blocks are one of the few toys that I don’t mind looking at when my little ones accidentally forget to clean up.

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Why Should I Choose Non-Toxic Wooden Blocks?

Before we get into all of the amazing block sets available, let’s talk about why it is important to choose non-toxic wooden blocks for your babies and toddlers. Like all baby toys that you buy for your baby, you want to be sure that they are made from completely natural materials, in this case, wood. It is also important to make sure that they are free from harmful chemicals and toxic materials and that the blocks are made with a non-toxic finish.

Some other things to look for when buying non-toxic wooden building blocks for your child:

  • Choose blocks that are made from high-quality, hardwoods, that will resist chipping and splintering.
  • if they have pictures on them, make sure that they are made using non-toxic paints and stains that are free from heavy metals.
  • If the blocks are finished, make sure they are finished with a non-toxic and hopefully organic finish.
toddler playing with non-toxic wooden blocks

Advantages of Playing With Blocks

There are so many wonderful things that come from playing with blocks. It is the one toy that I encourage my kids to play with as much as possible. And honestly, they can play with the for hours and hours, which makes me so happy!

Some of the many advantages of block play are:

  • It helps to develop your child’s fine motor skills
  • It also helps to develop your little one’s hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages cognitive development
  • Because of endless building options, they are perfect for encouraging pretend play and imaginative play
  • Builds confidence
  • Encourages social skills
  • The ultimate toy for play-based learning
  • Great for all ages, not just babies and toddlers. They are also very entertaining for big kids as well.

Best Non-Toxic Wooden Blocks

Wooden Blocks are such a fun toy for babies and toddlers to play with. Here are the 13 best non-toxic wooden block sets. We love all of these sets so much in my house and I promise that your children will too.

Haba Wooden Building Blocks

Haba makes so many great wooden building block sets. Whether you want unfinished wood or blocks that are fun bright colors, they have something for everyone to love. Their blocks are made from untreated solid beechwood that comes from PEFC sustainable forests in Germany. The colored blocks are also solid beechwood that is all colored with non-toxic water-based coatings.

I personally prefer the toys that are made in Germany over the ones they sell that are made in China, just because they tend to be of higher quality. And when it comes to Haba’s blocks there are plenty of fun Made in Germany options. These sets are some of my toddler’s favorites:

  • Baby’s First Wood Basic Blocks: This set is so cute. It is made up of 12 different shaped blocks that are 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches. It comes in bright colors that will catch your baby’s eye instantly and they are the perfect size for your baby’s little hands.
  • Basic Building Blocks: These are just standard unfinished building blocks that are a wide variety of shapes and different sizes for plenty of imaginative play. They are such high-quality blocks and the natural wood has such pretty grain patterns in them. The basic building block sets come in multiple sizes depending on your wants and needs.
  • Wooden Coburg Building Blocks: This set is super fun if you are looking for a set that is very castle inspired. It has such fun shapes and a pretty light green color theme that is sure to make it an instant favorite with your children.
  • Clever Up! Building System: This is my children’s newest favorite collection. It is so amazing how adding flat wooden blocks can make block building all the more interesting but it really does. The addition of the flat blocks has been a huge hit with my kids and they build some of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

Plan Toys Blocks

Plan Toys makes a few different sets of blocks that are a lot of fun to play with. All of their blocks are made from rubberwood (which is wood that comes from natural rubberwood trees). For any colors, they use organic pigments and water-based dyes. Their different block sets really help to encourage creative play. Here are some of their best sets of wooden building blocks:

  • Unit Blocks: These are their standard unfinished blocks that come in a few different sizes and shapes and are great to use with other standard-sized blocks. They also have a set that has some colored blocks as well. You can get a 50 piece set or a 40 piece set.
  • Water Blocks: Ok, so these are not normal building blocks, but they are still technically blocks and my kids have so much fun with these. They are wooden blocks with different colored liquid inside the middle. They work perfectly with other standard-sized blocks and add a little extra splash of fun to block play!
  • Hollow Blocks: These may be my personal favorite Plan Toys blocks. They are good-sized wooden blocks that are basic shapes with smaller shapes that can fit inside of the hollow portion of the bigger shape. I love these so much for not just block play but they also work perfectly for my homeschool math lessons as well.
  • Castle and Fairy Tale Blocks: These blocks are smaller than traditional blocks, but are oh so cute and really bring out your child’s imagination. The castle blocks are more geared towards boys while the fairy tale ones are more girly/princessy. They are both so much fun to have around and they come with characters as well, which makes them even more special.

Wooden Story

non-toxic colorful wooden building blocks

I love, love, love all of our Wooden Story blocks! If you want a wooden block set that is high quality, but yet has a simple design, you can’t go wrong with anything wooden story makes. These amazing blocks are made with solid wood from the Beskidy Mountains of Poland. The wood is also FSC certified. We only have their XL sets of blocks but they also make sets that are a little smaller in size if you want smaller blocks. The XL size is what I consider to be a standard size block though.

I also love how their blocks are either packaged in reusable cotton sacks or in wooden boxes-making them super eco-friendly as well. You can choose from:

  • Natural blocks: These are gorgeous wood blocks that are finished with beeswax and botanical oils
  • Rainbow Blocks: These blocks are stained with subtle colors that are really fun to mix and match.
  • Peace and Love Blocks: This set is also a lot of fun with inspiring messages and images engraved on them. The smiley is fought over constantly during playtime.
  • Shape Sorter: Wooden Story’s shape sorter is such a classic, timeless toy. It comes with gorgeous blocks that can be played with in the included shape sorting box or played with separately as blocks. We have the natural version (they also have it in rainbow) and it is also worth adding to your block and wooden toy collection.

Just a little side note: I have found these blocks many times at my local Homegoods for a fraction of the price, so if you have a Homegoods nearby definitely keep an eye out for them there.

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Bannor Toys Blocks

wooden paint palette blocks

If you want heirloom quality blocks that will last a lifetime you can’t go wrong with the blocks from Bannor Toys. I love absolutely everything Bannor sells…I am pretty sure we own everything they sell and look forward to every new release.

In case you are not familiar with Bannor toys, it is a small family business, that makes high-quality, non-toxic wooden toys. It has the most amazing owners and they sell the cutest toys.

Depending on the sets that you choose, their blocks are made from either walnut, cherry, or maple wood, all sourced here in the USA and made by them in their workshop in Madrid, IA. The blocks are then finished with an organic beeswax and flaxseed oil finish. They have very recently added color printed blocks that are made with completely non-toxic and baby-safe materials and inks. Bannor has a wide variety of block sets and adds new ones all of the time.

Some of my absolute favorites are the:

  • funky blocks: which are a variety of woods and shapes so your child can make all kinds of really cool things
  • all of their Alphabet Blocks: which are blocks that are 1.5″ by 1.5″ cubes. Some are lasered and others are color printed but my favorites have correlating pictures to further help teach letter sounds.
  • The Number Sets: are great for counting and learning numbers
  • and just their standard 1.5″ x1.5″ square blocks that are amazing to stack up and knock down
  • The Paint Palette Blocks: are very pretty with the watercolor images-and they have taught my preschoolers how to read and spell their color words already.

The quality of wood and the grains in all of their blocks are absolutely gorgeous. They are the kind of block sets that you will have forever and pass down to your grandchildren one day.

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Uncle Goose

Uncle Goose is the ultimate wooden block company since that is all that they actually make and sell. It’s what they do, and they do it well! All of Uncle Goose’s blocks are made from untreated wood from American basswood trees (also called the Linden Tree) by skilled woodworkers in Michigan.

These are absolutely stunning blocks that have absolutely gorgeous images printed on them. It is, however, because of these images that Uncle Goose recommends waiting until 2 years old to allow your child to play with them. The inks are all completely non-toxic and water-based and unfortunately, drooling can destroy them.

They have such a wide range of block sets. So many of them are educational and perfect for older kids. I use their blocks all of the time in my homeschool to help drive home concepts in many different subjects. If you are as big a block fan as I am you really need to check out all of their amazing sets, but some of mine and my children’s favorites are:

  • Nursery Rhymes: Yes, seriously they have nursery rhymes and the sweetest images printed all around the block. My little ones fight to find the right block while looking through their favorite book of nursery rhymes.
  • Cubelings: If you have an animal lover the cubelings are perfect for your toddler, The blocks are painted to look like different animals. They have pets, sea animals, farm animals, insects, jungle animals, and safari animals.
  • Languages: These are probably better for a little older than the toddler crowd but if you are teaching your children a different language these blocks are absolutely amazing!
  • Gosling Square: These colorful blocks have gorgeous patterns and make really amazing castles and buildings. They are really fun to add an extra pop of color to your child’s imaginary buildings.

Grimms Blocks

Anyone who is a long-time lover of amazing wooden toys knows Grimm’s Spiel and Holz. All of their blocks are made from Lime Wood, a non-toxic water-based stain, and finished with a non-toxic plant-based oil finish. The amazing eco-friendly blocks are all made in Germany. The colors they use are so bright and beautiful and the shapes are exquisite. Most of the blocks they sell remind me more of puzzles than blocks, but they can be used both ways for sure.

Grimms also sells a lot of nesting blocks which are so great for developing your child’s hand-eye coordination and spatial relations skills.

If you want more traditional blocks they do sell a large set of cubes that are a lot of fun to play with and also learn to count with.

Camden Rose

wooden tricolor wood building blocks

Camden Rose makes heirloom quality wooden blocks that are such a simple design but are an instant classic. They sell four different sets of blocks and all 4 are wonderful for your babies and toddlers. Camden Rose’s blocks are all made in the USA from high-quality hardwoods and finished with all-natural beeswax polish.

  • Tri-Color Wood Building Cubes: These stunning wooden building cubes are made from locally sourced cherry, maple, and walnut hardwoods. It is a set of 24 blocks. You can choose between a set of all 1 1/2 inch blocks or a set that has eighteen 1 1/2 inch blocks and six 1 7/8 inch cubes.
  • Jumbo Building Blocks: These are your classically shaped building blocks that are perfectly big and chunky. They are unfinished and made from maple wood and come in a cherry storage box.
  • Jumbo Rustic Wood Blocks: If you want wooden blocks that are just that…blocks of wood then this set is for you. It is a set of 50 blocks that are untreated and unfinished. You can get a mix of maple, cherry, walnut, poplar, and pine. They are refreshingly simple and rustic.
  • Tri-Color Wooden Building Planks: The wooden building planks are a set of 12 planks that measure 6 inches by 3 inches and are 3/8 inches thick. Just like the Tri-Color Wood Cubes, they are made from walnut, cherry, and maple hardwoods. These planks are similar to the Clever Up! Building System by Haba, except they come in multiple colored kinds of wood and are a great set of blocks to have.

These blocks really are the perfect addition to your non-toxic wooden block collection.

Maple Landmark

Maple Landmark makes really great high-quality wooden toys, all made in the USA. All of their blocks are made from sustainable, locally sourced maple hardwoods. They sell a few types of different building blocks.

  • ABC blocks: Maple Landmark has a fun collection of different ABC blocks depending on your needs and how big of a set you want. They have engraved sets which are so beautiful. They also have printed sets that are made with UV-cured inks that are completely non-toxic and lead-free.
  • Building Blocks: They have various-sized sets of building blocks that are all made from unfinished maple wood. Maple Landmark has a beginner set, a junior builder set, an advanced builder set, and a master builder set. All of the pieces are around 1 inch in size, the sets just include more and more pieces.

Just Blocks

I love Just Blocks and their fun simple building block sets. They are such beautiful and high-quality made blocks. The blocks are made from solid beech wood and are completely unfinished.

The Baby Pack contains 16 natural square blocks that are about 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches in size. They are made in Poland and simply stunning.


Does your toddler get frustrated when his building blocks tumble down? Having blocks that stay together magnetically can definitely help with that. Tegu makes wooden magnetic blocks, think Magnatiles meet wooden blocks.

Tegu’s blocks are made from solid wood and the paints are non-toxic and water-based. These blocks are so much fun and are such pretty colors. The blocks are 1 inch by 1 inch, so they are perfect for little hands to grab and build with. Tegu blocks are made in Honduras.

Eco-Bricks Plus

Eco-Bricks are the perfect eco-friendly option if your child loves legos but you prefer wood over plastic. My kids love their eco-bricks and play with them all of the time. They are even compatible with your child’s existing legos making them even more versatile. Eco-Bricks are made from FSC- certified sustainable and natural wood and are such a cool block set.

The Eco-Bricks Plus blocks are the same sizes as Lego Duplo blocks. So they are the perfect size for toddlers. They have 2 different options:

  • Natural Wood Blocks: The Natural Wood ones are completely unfinished and contain no color at all. They are simple yet fun.
  • Color Blocks: The Color Blocks set is made up of fun and brightly colored blocks. They are naturally dyed using non-toxic water-based colors.

Lovevery The Block Set

Lovevery is well known for its Montessori and Stem-inspired toys. The Block Set fits perfectly with everything else Lovevery sells. Their blocks come in a wide variety of fun colors and shapes, allowing for 20+ exciting, yet educational activities.

The Lovevery Block Set is designed for ages 18 months to 4 years old. It is made from FSC-certified sustainable wood and water-based finishes. It will definitely encourage your child to learn problem-solving skills and higher-level thinking.

Melissa and Doug Standard Unit Solid Wood Building Blocks

Normally I am not a fan of Melissa and Doug toys at all. But these building blocks are actually really nice and solid. We received them as a birthday gift one year and my children enjoy them just as much as their other blocks. I would only recommend buying the unfinished ones since Melissa and Doug’s painted wood toys tend to chip a lot.

If you are looking for a set of solid wood building blocks that won’t break the bank and will last a long time then this set is the perfect set for your toddlers. These solid wood blocks are made in Thailand and are a high-quality set.

little girl with non-toxic wooden building blocks

Non-Toxic Wooden Blocks are the perfect toy for your babies and toddlers if you want a beautiful, simple, and safe toy with so many developmental benefits. All of these wooden blocks are beautiful, heirloom-quality blocks and are guaranteed to keep your children entertained for hours.

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