The Best Organic Clothing Brands for Your Toddler

organic toddler clothes

Do you want to know where to find GOTS certified organic clothes for your toddler? I have compiled a list of the best organic toddler clothing brands so your toddler can have a cute and organic wardrobe for many years to come.

Buying certified organic clothes for your baby during their first year of life is easy. There are just so many quality brands that make organic clothes that are not only adorable but affordable as well. But once your baby becomes a toddler, let’s just say, finding certified organic clothes is not the only challenge that you are going to face. I strongly believe that it is just as important for our children to wear organic clothes while toddlers as it is while they are infants. So what should you do?

I honestly don’t know why most organic children’s clothing stops at size 24 months, I wish that all organic clothing brands kept their sizes going well into childhood and beyond. However the good news there are still a few organic clothing brands that I love for my toddlers and they are also high quality and affordable as well.

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Why is it important to choose organic clothes for your toddler?

Conventional clothing (i.e.: not organic clothing) contains many chemicals such as pesticides, AZO dyes, BPA, flame retardants, formaldehyde, fragrance, PVC and/or lead. Exposure to these chemicals can lead to health issues and developmental delays in young children. The scary part is these chemicals can all be easily absorbed right through our children’s skin when they wear their clothes every day.

Unfortunately, most of these toxic chemicals will not wash out in the laundry, either. This is why it is so important to choose clothing for your toddlers that is certified to the highest organic standards possible. Anything certified is guaranteed to be made without the toxic chemicals found in most clothing today, which is so important.

How I chose the organic toddler clothing brands for this list

  • I want to start by saying that my promise to you is that I will only ever recommend brands that I use for my own children. The brands that my toddlers’ are currently wearing are the only brands that I have put on this list.
  • Most of these brands are smaller family-owned companies that do make organic clothing in toddler sizes but it is possible since they often make their clothes in small batches they may not have toddler sizes at certain times of the year, but I do recommend to keep checking because you never know when new stock will be available.
  • I am only recommending brands that are certified! While I prefer all of the clothes that my children wear to be GOTS certified, I am comfortable with OEKO-TEX 100 certified clothing as well. I clearly labeled the certifications each brand has so that you can easily decide which brands you prefer.
  • Just so there is no confusion I am considering toddler clothes to be between the sizes of 2T-5T. Some companies will have their toddler lines go up to size 7 (I always consider this to be an added bonus and stock up on the big sizes as much as I can!).
where to buy organic toddler clothing

Where Can I Buy Organic Clothes for my Toddler?

These 10 organic toddler clothing brands are available online through their online brand websites. Whenever possible I have listed any Amazon availability just because I know it can be easier to place orders right off of Amazon instead of the different various websites. I promise that all of these websites sell the highest quality organic clothing and I am including any free shipping promotions whenever possible.

What are the best organic toddler clothes?

Pact Organic

About a year ago, Pact redid their entire children’s collection. Since then Pact has been a favorite of mine and my children. They offer clothing that is perfect for active toddlers on the go. Their organic toddler clothes are affordable and premium and are made to last. My boys wear their going places joggers almost every day during the fall and winter and softie shorts on a pretty regular basis when the warm weather comes. All of Pact’s clothing comes in both neutral colors and bright fun colors (for when your children are looking for a little extra pop of color). I think my kids’ favorite part of the collection is the graphic tees, though. They come with a variety of nature-inspired sayings as well as with animals which is by far a win-win for my kids.

And did I mention that Pact comes in as a super, super affordable GOTS certified organic cotton option? Especially if you wait for a sale their prices are practically unbeatable. If you are a new Pact customer you can get an extra 20% off your whole order when you click here! Pact also carries playground proof leggings, which have an extra layer so your toddler doesn’t have to worry about ripping their leggings while out playing, as well as pajamas and underwear as well. Almost all of Pact’s clothes are 100% cotton or a cotton/ elastic mix for some of the stretchier clothing. As of right now, I believe that Pact is offering free shipping on orders of $50. You can buy Pact Organic clothing here.

If you are shopping at Pact for the first time you can get 20% off your order by clicking here!

Hanna Andersson

I have talked about my love of Hanna Andersson before. They offer high-quality Oeko-Tex 100 certified clothing that appeals to toddlers and children of all ages. Hanna Andersson offers hand-me-down quality clothing that your children are sure to love. Especially if you are looking for your toddler’s favorite Disney characters, superheroes, Peanuts characters, Curious George or Dr. Seuss characters… Hanna Andersson has it all. While they can be expensive, you can definitely shop Hanna Andersson on a budget. Most of Hanna Andersson’s clothes are 100% cotton but it is important to read the labels just to be sure.

Hanna Andersson carries everything from shirts, pants, tees, shorts, dresses, leggings, underwear and pajamas. They have a wide variety of prints or plain clothing so your toddler has plenty of options to choose from! You can shop Hanna’s to the Moon and Back line exclusively here on Amazon. Hanna Andersson also sells a limited amount of their toddler clothing collection through Amazon as well. You can order also place an order from Hanna Andersson’s website. They offer free shipping on orders of $50.

Art and Eden

Art and Eden is a high-quality organic clothing brand that offers a wide variety of GOTS certified organic cotton clothing dyed with low impact dyes. They offer some of the cutest prints I have ever seen, that are actually designed by artists from around the world which is really cool. They also currently have a collaboration with Animal Planet that is absolutely adorable. Art and Eden even have certified organic jeans-which are definitely hard to come by. While they are priced pretty average for certified organic clothes they are certainly high quality and last a long time. All of the girls’ clothing is 100% organic cotton and the boys’ clothing is made of organic cotton or a combination of organic cotton and recycled polyester. I personally avoid anything with polyester because it is synthetic but at least it is upcycled-so it is better for the environment.

Art and Eden also participate in a reselling program through kidizen where you can sell your toddler’s pre-loved Art and Eden clothing and earn points to trade in for bigger sizes. This is a really cool company and one that I am proud to support! They offer free shipping through their website on orders of $49+.

Kate Quinn Organics

Kate Quinn Organics produces simple yet comfortable certified organic clothing as well as clothing from made from bamboo as well (just note the bamboo is not GOTS certified organic however it is produced without chemicals and pesticides). This brand of clothing falls into more of a basics type category. She uses simple colors and clothing designs that are traditional and gender-neutral. All of the clothing that my toddlers wear of hers have been high quality and has a naturally clean feel that I have come to appreciate. Kate Quinn Organics offers free shipping on orders of $70+.

Colored Organics

Colored Organics is a minimalist mama’s dream come true. They sell super soft high-quality GOTS certified organic cotton clothing. Colored Organics is a good option for affordable organic toddler clothes that come in simple gender-neutral colors. Colored Organics sells short sleeve tee shirts, long sleeve pullovers, leggings, and hoodies. All of their clothes are dyed with low impact water-based dyes that are super gentle and hypoallergenic. Everything is 100% cotton with the exception of the leggings that contain 5% elastane for a little bit of stretch. Colored Organics is one of those companies that you truly feel good about shopping from. Every month they choose a different children’s company to give back to. This is an amazing company that I love buying from. They offer free shipping on $25 and free returns. You can shop colored organics here!

Finn and Emma

Finn and Emma is a long time favorite of mine. I don’t know if it is that they are a local New Jersey company or if it’s because they offer some of the best organic toddler clothing that I have found. They offer a wide variety of graphic tees and shirts with some of the cutest sayings I have found. They make the most perfect sibling picture outfits that you can ever imagine. Finn and Emma also sell high-quality pants, outfits, playsuits and pajamas for toddlers that are fun and stylish. All of Finn and Emma’s clothing are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and low impact dyes and you can be sure you are getting a completely safe product for your toddler.

They also make amazing stuffed animals that are made by artisans from GOTS certified yarns and organic filling. This is actually how I first discovered this company years ago. I was searching for organic baby toys for Christmas gifts and this was one of the best options that came up. I always get excited when new clothes become available because Finn and Emma certainly makes a lot of cute things that are really high quality. Finn and Emma’s organic toddler clothing is available through their website and offers free shipping at $50.


MORI is a company located in the UK. Per their website “MORI baby essentials are carefully crafted from the softest fabrics which are made from sustainable sources. Every product has been designed with ease of use and innovation at the front of mind. 
Our garments are made using materials that help to regulate a baby’s temperature by keeping them warm through winter and cool through summer. Why? Because we believe in making sure your little one is always safe and comfortable.”

MORI carries clothing that is made from 100% organic cotton as well as clothing that is a blend of bamboo and organic cotton. The 100% organic cotton products are GOTS certified and their signature bamboo and organic cotton fabric are OCS certified. Their clothing is produced in Oeko-Tex 100 certified factories. MORI has really cute basics tops, printed clothing, pants, and overalls. I have a couple of cute tops from their Gruffalo line that my children love. Their clothes are soft, comfortable, and high quality. They offer free shipping to the US on orders over $75.

Mini Mioche

Mini Mioche creates timeless classic clothing that is soft and comfortable. Produced in Toronto, Canada from GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo and dyed using low impact dyes from natural sources. Mini Mioche is very eco-friendly exclusively using plastic-free and recyclable packaging on all of its products. Mini Mioche offers a wide variety of basics from sweatshirts to jeans and baseball tees to slouchy hats. Basically, everything that you could ever need for your toddler. Just be sure to check the label to verify the ingredients in each piece of clothing. The clothing really is nice quality and looks super cute giving your toddler a “classic big kid look” that I always love. Mini Mioche offers free shipping on their website on orders over $75.

L’oved Baby

L’oved Baby has a wide variety of clothing for toddlers. It is such a cute collection with plenty of options your young children will enjoy wearing. They have a lot of organic clothing that you can’t find anywhere else. Things like pointelle shorts, rompers, tees, and dresses. As well as hooded sweatshirts, rompers, and headbands. The graphics are classic looking and the solid colors are just as nice. All of their clothing is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and have a fun everyday wear look to them. You can get 15% off your whole order when you click here. They offer new collections for every season and each one is more fun than the last one! L’oved Baby offers free shipping on orders of $40.

Want 15% off your order at L’oved Baby? Click here!

OR Basics

OR Basics definitely gets an honorable mention on this list. I just love this company’s high-quality clothing! Per OR “When it comes to quality, there are no compromises. We earn your trust by using only 100% organic cotton in our products, and we’re proud to work with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), certified manufacturers. Sustainability is bountiful, too – we stock low, and all the elements in our supply chain are inspected to ensure they meet strict organic and ethical standards.” Like the name implies their clothing is a collection of basics in gender-neutral colors. However, even though the clothing is simple I really do love it. It is so buttery soft and is so high quality. I just love this company and love their simple clothing.

My toddlers ask to wear their clothing all the time as well so you know its good. OR Basics is a company based in Germany so when ordering from them just know that international shipping can take up to 20 days. Usually, my orders have arrived within 7-10 days though. They do not offer free shipping to the United States but their shipping rates are very reasonable starting at $6. You can shop OR basics organic toddler clothing here.

best organic toddler clothes

This list of the 10 best organic toddler clothes brands should have everything you need to keep your toddler wearing safe organic clothing for a long time to come. There is a wide variety of items and prints as well as some affordable organic clothes and some that are more expensive. However, they are all high quality and certified organic so you can feel good about your toddler wearing these clothes.

These clothing companies are the best option for where to buy organic toddler clothes! I would love to know which organic companies you buy your toddler’s clothes from!

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