What are the Best Organic Baby Products for Winter?

organic newborn winter essentials

Whether you are expecting a newborn this winter or are simply planning on taking your infant out into the cold I have compiled a list of the absolute best organic baby products, essential for your little one to stay cozy and warm this winter season!

After having two babies born during the cold winters of New Jersey, one the week before Christmas and the other the end of January, both just happened to be in the middle of snowstorms, go figure, I like to think I have a pretty good idea about what would be considered newborn baby must-haves for the winter weather.

What to Buy for a Winter Newborn Baby?

This checklist is more of a minimalist list of organic and eco-friendly baby items. Just the essentials that I have recommended year after year to my patients while I worked as a newborn nursery nurse. And now to all my friends and family who are having newborns during the cold winter months. After all, it is important to remember infants don’t need a lot of things, just the right things!

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Winter Baby Organic Essentials Checklist

What Should My Infant Wear Home from the Hospital in the Winter?

The goal when leaving the hospital during the months of November, December, January, February and possibly even March is to keep your newborn as warm as possible. It is important to minimize your little one’s exposure to the winter elements as much as you can.

The best way to dress your infant is to layer up with a onesie, a pair of socks, and a sleeper underneath your baby’s winter bunting. A warm winter hat under the hood will keep your newborn’s head perfectly warm and then a warm blanket tucked over their lap. If you leave the hospital with your baby looking like a little Eskimo you know that you are on the right track. My final tip, as I mentioned before, is to tie a muslin swaddling blanket around the infant car seat handle and allow it to act as a cover to keep any wind or cold from hitting your baby in the face. And don’t worry muslin is breathable so your newborn will still be able to get air and breathe in there.

What Should My Baby Wear to Sleep in the Cold Weather?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I used to get from patients. Since newborns can’t regulate their temperature yet, you want to make sure that they are not too hot and not too cold…as Goldilocks would say you want their temperature to be just right!

Like most people, I have my heat on in the winter so I really don’t dress my infants much different than I do during the warmer months when the air conditioner is running. Just an organic cotton sleeper and a sleep sack or swaddling blanket (for newborns) is perfect. If it is an especially cold night out, a pair of socks and a onesie underneath the sleeper should be perfect. But of course, as always, use your best judgment when dressing your infant. This is just what has worked for me with my 5 little ones. Naturally, if you talk to 5 different Mommy’s with 5 different babies you will get 5 different answers and that is perfectly fine! If you are interested in the best room temperatures for each month this article is really helpful.

How to Protect Your Baby’s Skin in the Winter Cold

Naturally, a newborn’s skin is very sensitive and delicate. It is important to keep it as protected as we can. Aside from covering the car seat and stroller with an organic swaddling blanket, it is a good idea to directly apply a moisturizer to your little one’s delicate skin. You can use something as simple as a thin layer of organic unrefined coconut oil. My other favorite product to use is this certified organic baby face, nose and cheek balm. It is perfect to protect baby’s skin from the winter elements and treat any sensitive skin issues. Bonus tip: I also love to use this balm when my little ones get those awful rashes from teething when they drool like crazy!

Not Due Yet…Put these Organic Winter Necessities on Your Registry

If your baby is not due for a few more months and your family and friends are looking for the perfect cold-weather gifts to get for your winter newborn, I strongly suggest you start an Amazon Baby Registry. They have all the best newborn organic essentials for winter or for any time of the year and it is so easy to register right from the comfort of your own home. Since most people do most of their shopping from Amazon anyway it makes it easy for everyone!
I bet you didn’t know that if you set up a registry for the first time you will get a FREE welcome box worth $35!! But my favorite part is that if you put some of those pricier organic products on your baby registry (i.e. that organic mattress you have been eyeing) you can enable a group gifting feature, where a group of people can contribute to one item! That’s a win-win-win in my book.

Hopefully, this minimalist list of winter baby organic essentials was useful and helps to keep your infant warm and cozy this coming winter season!

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What are the Best Organic Baby Products for Winter?

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